Matt Voska, Origami: Mobilizing Ambitious Communities via a DAO
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Matt Voska, Origami: Mobilizing Ambitious Communities via a DAO

How can brands and creators organize existing communities with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)?

This week, our guest on Web 2.5 is Matt Voska, the Founder and COO of Origami, a platform that helps communities create and grow Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs.

Origami assists its clients with the end-to-end services needed to set up and run a DAO, from the NFTs that serve as token-gated membership passes, to the software, documents, and voting protocols that determine how a DAO makes decisions, to the token issuances that can be used to reward DAO members.

Origami got started by helping alumni from Y Combinator come together to explore, advance, and invest in web3 startups through Orange DAO. Origami now helps other investment groups, gaming guilds, sports clubs, and more drive their communities forward with web3 technology.

In this episode, we will discuss what a DAO even is and why a group might want one, what Origami offers to its clients to streamline the DAO process, some IRL case studies, and Matt’s predictions for the future of DAOs in the market.

Show Notes:
00:00 Episode announcement
00:29 Show intro
02:08 Matt's intro and Origami's founding story with Y Combinator
04:22 Understanding why a DAO was needed
06:02 An overview of DAOs
06:54 Matt explains DAO governance models
07:41 Understanding the legal entity of a DAO
09:09 Matt details the difficulties of setting up a DAO
10:14 The lifecycle of DAO formation
12:12 Defining the members of a DAO
15:09 Matt shares the risks of DAO formation
16:42 Voting models in a DAO
17:52: Sponsored message from Hang
21:10 Matt explains entity separation with Origami
22:41 Matt shares IRL use cases for DAOs
23:54 An overview of Pando DAO
25:01 The future of DAOs and exciting use cases
26:34 The fears companies have with DAOs
27:49 When and why companies shift from traditional participatory models to DAOs
29:29 Matt shares predictions and trends he sees with DAOs and web3
30:48 Understanding incentives within Origami
31:36 Shill
32:17 Wrap-up
32:34 Closing

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