Web 2.5 is an educational project.

I started this work not because I am a journalist (I am not). But rather, because I am deeply curious about Web3 and wanted to share my education journey with others. I consider myself an explorer and enthusiast much like you.

In order to learn this space, it means that I may hold positions in crypto assets. It helps make sure I can learn the industry first-hand. It also means that I may hold crypto assets from projects and communities that I cover in the newsletter or that are affiliated with podcast guests.

To this end, because I believe so strongly in transparency, here is a list of my wallet addresses used for personal crypto & NFT activity. Outside of these holdings, I also own less than 1 ETH.

0xBec6ef650DeE26d9bF87e180cF6D883d42BE2C36 (ETH)
0x092c28c7E40bD0C0D117171288Ef93d3E949c370 (ETH)
0xdE4b74FdcAdBC81Da619336413F070B433241b2d (ETH)
0x911d70Fa8653F8a3fA1CecFAF83FCf1769b822A3 (ETH)
0x656b58A87F81BC17F8dD0C9f6B3162a4B9cefCdB (ETH)
0x6a2FF074E11EB486A8D9bB4e7a4D3ab90857862e (ETH)
0x119FbfB697931FaDa243Dc6379407f99F452A6EE (ETH)
6Rig7xX2YeiBm388ZnTQ3BgJTenH3EoMJuZw5DurnJMZ (SOL)

Here is a list of past consulting arrangements in Web3:
Hu Kitchen

Here's a list of all past sponsors of my newsletter, which are disclosed in context of the sponsorship:

I will continue to update this page on a regular basis.