Kit Codik, Liquid Collections: Bringing Web3 to Wines & Spirits
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Kit Codik, Liquid Collections: Bringing Web3 to Wines & Spirits

How could the blockchain bring new capabilities to the beverage / alcohol industry

This week, our guest on Web 2.5 is Kit Codik, the Founder and CEO of Liquid Collections, a web3-powered wine and spirits platform.

Kit is a serial entrepreneur with three decades of operating and investing experience across wine and spirits, media, structured finance, venture capital, consumer tech, and apparel industries. Notably, he served as the Founder and CEO of for over a decade before jumping into web3 to launch Liquid Collections.

Liquid Collections began as a platform that democratized access to starting a new alcohol brand. He worked with existing communities, from Lil Nouns to Meta Angels to Carly Reilly’s Overpriced JPEGs, to go to market with branded bottles. He’s now leveraging the Liquid Collections platform to help traditional beverage brands build new programs that drive brand loyalty and gather 1st party data.

On today’s episode, Kit shares his experience in the beverage and alcohol world, his vision for Liquid Collections, and some of the learnings and pivots that he and his team are making along the way.

Show Notes:
0:00 Episode announcement
0:36 Show intro
1:20 Kit's intro and career prior to web3
3:00 Kit's experience at and interest in the beverage world
5:06 The idea for Liquid Collections
9:03 The vision for Liquid Collections
14:36 The first community
17:54 How Fallen Angel Tequila was created
19:47 Understanding who can buy Fallen Angel Tequila
21:43 Sponsored message from Hang
23:34 OPJ with Carly Riley & Amber Vittoria
26:44 The meaning behind OPJ's name
36:12 What Kit is working on and excited about
39:49 Shill
40:22 Wrap-up
40:40 Closing

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