Sandy Carter, Unstoppable: Building Your Web3 Digital Identity
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Sandy Carter, Unstoppable: Building Your Web3 Digital Identity

Have you ever wanted a universal username that serves as your login to the decentralized web?

This week, our guest on Web 2.5 is Sandy Carter, the COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable, a digital identity platform.

With an Unstoppable domain (e.g., Sandy.nft), you get a universal username that serves as your name, wallet address & login for web3.

In her role, Sandy is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Unstoppable, as well as driving strategic partnerships and growth opportunities for the company.

In today’s episode, we’ll discover what Unstoppable is, why someone might want a web3-powered domain name, and some of the market trends and themes that Sandy sees from her deep and active involvement in the world of web3.

Show Notes:
0:00 Episode announcement
0:33 Show intro
1:28 Sandy's intro and career prior to Web3
3:11 Unstoppable's elevator pitch
4:52 The wallet address and IP address analogy
6:35 Sandy's role at Unstoppable and use cases
8:56 Interoperable identities
10:24 Partnerships with Unstoppable
12:22 Sponsored message from Hang
14:03 New and upcoming partnerships
15:19 Growth-drivers at Unstoppable
16:30 How to message in a decentralized web
19:03 Upcoming themes and trends
22:10 The spaces that Sandy is contributing to and participating in
24:28 Sandy's shoutouts
25:59 Shill
26:56 Wrap-up
27:25 Closing

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