Jasmine Xu, Bitski: Simplifying the Crypto Wallet Experience
Web 2.5March 21, 2023x
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Jasmine Xu, Bitski: Simplifying the Crypto Wallet Experience

Why does a crypto wallet have to be so complicated and so confusing?

This week, our guest on Web 2.5 is Jasmine Xu, the Head of Product at Bitski, the self-described NFT wallet for everyone.

Crypto wallets are one-stop shops to buy, sell, transfer, and collect cryptocurrencies and NFTs. And Bitski believes that the key to greater crypto participation is creating a more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and secure wallet experience.

In today’s episode, Jasmine gives us the inside scoop on crypto wallets, how they work, how Bitski’s product is improving the user experience, and some of her favorite use cases for wallets and web3.

Show Notes:
0:00 Episode announcement
0:23 Show Intro
1:50 Jasmine and Bitski's intros
2:23 Jasmine's career prior to web3
4:10 All about crypto wallets
6:36 Understanding keys and passwords
7:49 The pros and cons of self custody
11:42 The types of assets kept in Bitski wallets
12:14 Wallets and Web 2.5
13:17 Understanding if Bitski is a stand-alone or add-on wallet
14:35 Consumer-side product offering at Bitski
16:48 Brand enterprise-side at Bitski
18:55 Sponsored message from Hang
20:42 Bitski-branded or Brand-branded wallets
21:48 Bitski vs. other minting experiences
24:31 Explaining where Bitski started and how it has evolved
27:33 Biggest use cases for wallets and NFTs
30:42 A platform for more than just NFTs
31:55 Jasmine's predictions, hopes, and fears for the future of Web3
35:12 The upside in a down market
36:09 Shill
36:41 Wrap-up
36:52 Closing

Show Resources:
Jasmine on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasminexu888
Jasmine on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xujasmine/
Bitski’s Website: https://www.bitski.com
Bitski on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitski
Bitski on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitskibitski/?hl=en
Bitski on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bitski/

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